Experience & Levels

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Natural progression is important for any game - and Bingo is not an exception!

In Arena Bingo, as you play games, you will earn experience. Each correct Daub on any card gives you 10 Experience, or XP for short. Collecting XP placed by the XP powerup gives you 100 XP!

At the end of every round, you will see how much XP you've earned, and see if you've reached a new level - or how much XP is left until you do.

Every time you level up, you will gain an increasingly bigger reward - in cash and powerups - and the first few levels will unlock more Bingo cards for you to play on. After reaching level 4, you will have unlocked all 4 cards and will receive more and more cash and powerups for every new level!

You can also see your current XP amount and level on your profile screen:


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