Chests & Collections

After every round, if you get at least one Bingo, you will be rewarded with a Chest.

Chests are special unlockable items. You can have 4 chests at a time, as you can see on the Cards selection screen.

Chests can be opened with Cash, or you can open them one at a time by waiting some time. The amount of time is different depending on the Chest type!


When opened, Chests will give you a reward based on the type - the higher the chest rarity, the bigger the reward!

Bronze Chests will usually have a little bit of cash or energy and may give you a Collection card. They are given if you score at least 1 Bingo in a round and open in 10 minutes, costing 30 Cash to open if you do not wish to wait.

Silver Chests contain a medium amount of both cash and energy, and might give you one Collection card, sometimes two! Silver chests are more likely to be received upon getting Bingos in a round, and open in 30 minutes, but spending 60 Cash will speed things up!

Golden Chests are significantly better, but you need to get more Bingos in a round to get them! They will have a big bunch of cash and energy, and usually give 1-2 cards for the Collection, sometimes three, including a chance to get Magic or Rare cards, and cost 160 Cash to boost or 2 hours of time if you prefer to not spend your Cash!

Finally, Super Rare Chest is the big king of them all - only a lot of Bingos in a round may get a Super Rare Chest for you. They take 8 hours to open, or 360 Cash, but the reward is all worth the wait - three cards, with a good chance of Magic or Rare cards, sometimes even 4 cards, plus a massive amount of cash and rare and magic powerups!


We have mentioned Collections, but you might be confused as to what that is. This section of the article is going to clear that up!

Collections are special sets of Cards. A Collection is based on the theme of the currently active Tournament (for example, Egypt Collection in Egypt Tournament). Collections consist of Pages, and each Page has 8 cards.


You can earn Cards from a Chest that you open during a particular Tournament, so if you're looking for that pesky Mayan Priest that just won't drop - keep your high valued Chests until a particular Tournament!

You may earn duplicates of a Collection Card. These also go into your Collection, and you can see how many of each Card you have below it.

Any duplicate cards that you might have can be burned to gain Emerald Dust. To learn more about Emerald Dust, look in the Emerald Dust & Customization article.

If you get a full Page of 8 Cards in a Collection, you will instantly gain a big reward and earn a Trophy! You can show this Trophy off to all your friends, it will be showcased in your profile, and you will also benefit from a constant bonus (for example, increasing all Cash you gain from the games) as long as you play the respective Tournament!


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