Tournaments & Friends

Bingo is a social game, and Arena Bingo brings the players a competitive experience like never before!

All players participate in a massive Tournament, every day a new one, which is thematically different to those before!

Whenever you finish a round of Bingo in Arena Bingo, you will see exactly how much Score you've earned and how did your Tournament standings change relative to that.

You can also check your current standings by tapping the Tournament button!


On the Tourney window, you can see the current theme of it (Farm, for example), your current tier, rank, the reward that you will receive at the end with your current standings, and your Score and position.

You can also check out the top spots on the tournament to see how you fare against them!

A big part of the fun while playing the Tournaments is seeing familiar faces as you zoom past them after a particularly successful round of Bingo! Familiar faces... of your Facebook friends.

What other benefits does having a lot of friends who play Bingo bring? Gifts, of course, that you could receive from them, and send back in return. Other players can send you gifts, which contain Cash you can use to play more Bingo!

You will be notified if you have gifts to collect by a flying envelope. Alternatively, you can always check out your Inbox by clicking on Inbox button in the side menu:


If you think some of your friends on Facebook may appreciate our game as well, play with you and exchange gifts, invite them to play! Press "Invite Friends" in the side menu, choose who do you wish to invite and send invitations!


While you're in the side menu, might as well Like Us on Facebook and Rate our app! :D

If you have any more questions, ask us! Click Customer Support, write your query and we will get back to you.

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