Emerald Dust & Customization

The Winter Update in Arena Bingo is here!

With it we have introduced some new features and changed the way some of the older mechanics work.

For instance, now you can no longer trade in 10 cards in your Collection to receive a golden chest. This is replaced with the Emerald Dust mechanics, which are explained below.

Winter Update allows players to customize their gameplay visuals with unlockable daubers, card skins and voiceovers.

These items drop from Super Chests now!


When you tap on the customization Item, you can see information about it, Select it to use in your games or Burn it to gain Dust.


As you can see on the picture, burning a Normal Customization Card here will give you 10 Dust. You can have any amount of any Cards, so you might want to burn excess Cards to get Dust! Dust can be spent on getting the Super Chests which are unlocked and do not require any waiting or spending Cash on them.


Customization Items may also be a part of a full Set of items. You can view the set for any specific Customization Card by tapping the (?) button on it. Equipping a full Set gives you extra visual effects in the game!


Another way to gain Emerald Dust, as we mentioned, is burning excess Collection Cards. You can burn any amount of these cards, however you cannot burn your last card of that type.


As you can see, Gold Cards are worth an immense amount of 50 Dust! Silver Cards will give you 20 Dust each, while Common Cards will grant 5 Dust.

The principle is simple - BURN excess cards in your inventory and collections, GET 200 Dust, buy a Super Chest and win more unique items!


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