Requesting Data / Account Deletion In Alisa Bingo

This article covers the process of requesting deletion of your data within Alisa Bingo. Note that this includes a complete and irreversible account wipe, so think very carefully and do not request this lightly!

In order to request account deletion, you should contact us. There are several means with which you may reach out to us for assistance in any matter, including the subject matter.

The following are different ways to contact:

- By email at

- Via direct messages on our Meta page at

- Through the contact form at our website:

- By using the "Contact Us" button on this knowledge base website:

Whichever means you use to contact us, please include your reason for the request (in this case, that would be "account deletion" or "data deletion") and your Player ID. Your player ID can be found by pressing on your name in-game, where a small window will open up with your profile data, including experience and games played.

Once you have contacted us, our agents will get in touch with you and instruct further if needed. We are always here to help you! 

Please leave any questions you might have in the comment section below, or contact us via any of the channels provided above.

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