A different way of play

In some rooms we have introduced a different set of rules. "Blackout" is a game mode in which you have to have all of the numbers on a card daubed to score a Bingo.

Blackout rooms are also often Tournament rooms, and every now and then a different themed Blackout room is enabled. Usually the Blackout rooms have the word "Blackout" in their title - you won't miss it!


Base gameplay is unchanged; however, the rounds generally take a lot longer to complete since one has to daub all of the numbers on a card in order to score. However, the longer the rounds go, the more numbers you daub and that means more experience, power-ups and Magic Boxes you can open!

Here, for example, I have not scored a single Bingo after a game of Blackout, however I still earned a lot of experience, a few other rewards, and also opened a lot of Magic Boxes.

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