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Friends And You

If you like our game, make sure to tell your friends about it on Facebook! You can do this easily from inside the game if you have your account linked to Facebook profile. Simply press the "Friends" button in the game, and select friends you wish to invite to the game.


Having your friends play the game is not only beneficial to us, but also to both you and your friends! If you have friends on Facebook that also play our game, you'll be able to send them little gifts every day for free, and they can send gifts to you! Gifts can contain random rewards similar to daily freebie rewards posted on our official Facebook page.

To send gifts to your friends who play the game, press "Inbox" to open the interface, close the window, select friends you wish to send gifts to, and press "Send". Done!

As of July, 2016, a new Inbox mechanic has been introduced that allows players to collect gifts easier and auto-collect them in one tap!

Hint: Click on the images to view them in larger size!

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    Ashley Rogers

    There isn't even anything written

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    Nikolai Segen


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    Emily Rose Stephens

    Trying to send my friends gifts, and I'm following these instructions. Click on inbox, then I close the invite window like you said, but it just takes me back to the main menu. Not sure what I'm doing wrong... Any help?

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    Amyej Algabre Arañez

    i want more money

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