Magic Box Rewards

When you use the "Magic Box" power-up and daub the correct number with the box icon, you collect a Magic Box. These are opened after the round is over, giving you random extra rewards, given you have enough keys to do so!

Collection Pieces

Among other rewards, it is possible to get Collection Pieces out of Magic Boxes. Collection Pieces are stickers that go into your Collections. If you collect all 8 pieces in one room, you will get an increase to the daily "Collect" bonus tickets!


Hint: Click the pictures to view them in a larger size! 

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    Hazel Williams

    Yes I play alisa bingo all the time and I win carts all and cannot complete collection because there is no gift,but most of all I spend lest two hundred dollar a month buy tickets and coins , keys and powerups and can not complete a room with no collection, you are more than welcome to check my status to see what purpose, I really like playing Alisa bingo but you really do not give gifts if you please fix the problem thank you

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    I agree with ms. Williams, the problem is a game set-up. I have been playing this game almost from the start. not only can I not complete a board, but I can barely win a game. the only winners are the guest from alisa bingo. you are losing customers very fast. who wants to play with out right cheaters. I used to love this game and spent a small fortune on it.

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    Tammy Crosby

    This do stupid

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