What are they?

Objectives are small tasks that provide challenges for players in exchange for handsome rewards. Objectives start out small and simple ("Win a Bingo", "Invite a friend"), but as you complete more and more they will become challenging ("Score 2/3/4 Bingos in a single round").

There are also room-specific objectives that are usually tied to collectibles available in that room (ex. "Find the Prince" in the Rapunzel Room).

You can check the list of your current objectives and see which ones you have already completed by pressing the Objectives button at the bottom of the screen.

Hint: Click on the pictures to view them in a larger size!

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    Kathleen Russell

    I am so pissed off with this game, I believe it cheats i have been playing this game for years and i can't get the last two collections for aztec. I have been trying for about 8 months to get get the last two, also when the numbers are being called I can get on several times in one game but as soon as my number comes up they end the game. I am positive that you are cheating real people playing this with the fake ones you have created to play it, I love playing bingo and this is/was my favorite one but i am about to delete it from my Facebook and my phone if shit don,t change and fast sincerely a loyal player not a fake one!!!!!!!!!

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    Jimmy Hanrahan

    this game is so bad, only 5 winners per game. I havw
    e won maybe 5 games since I joined this app. no other bingo app makes you wait month for a winner. I will wait for your reply to decide what to do next. maybe something good or something bad.

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