Different Types of Slot Machines

Most slots machines behave the same way, a player (that's you!) spins the reels while wagering a bet against the outcome, the reels land and the result is displayed.

However, some games vary in their design. In Alisa Vegas Slots, we have 3 reel, 4 reel (3 reel with a 4th bonus reel) and 5 reel games!

As well as different reel configurations, our slots games have various payline configurations as well! These range from 1 payline to 5, and all the way up to 25 paylines!

So remember, when you bet 100 credits on one game, the bet might results in different winnings on another game. This is because your bet amount is split evenly account all paylines. 

For example, a 100 credit bet on 100x Pay will mean your bet is played over one payline, as 100x Pay is a 1 payline game. Whereas, Triple Double Hearts will split your 100 credit bet over all 5 paylines, meaning any single line win will be against a bet of 20 credits and not 100. 


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