Introduction to Arena Bingo

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Hello, and welcome, dear players!

Welcome to Arena Bingo, an intense, competitive experience in classic Bingo genre!

After you load the game, press Play (don't forget to collect your free cash bonus!). You will see a selection of cards. At level 1, you can play on 1 card, but as you gain levels you will unlock up to 4 cards to daub on. This is to help newer players feel more comfortable with starting out in the game, and veterans will find that unlocking more cards is very, very easy, so they can get straight to the real deal real fast!

When you buy your cards, you will get into the game and see something like this:


The caller will call out numbers that roll out on the Bingo balls in the top left. Under the balls you can see a cheatsheet which reminds you the winning Bingo patterns - figures and shapes you need to form on your card out of daubed numbers to win! On the right side there is the Powerup symbol (more on powerups in the Powerups article), the number of Bingos left to catch, number of players and cards and, if your screen resolution is big enough, the chart which displays all called numbers!

After all Bingos in a round run out, the round will end and you will see the Round Results screen:


Round Results will display how much Experience you've earned, how many Tournament points you've got, Cash and Energy rewards for your Bingos and a chest, if you earned one! Earn as many Bingos as you can to earn better chests, and early Bingos for more rewards!

After pressing Next you will also see how your current Tournament standings change relative to the amount of Score you earned.

You can learn more about Experience, Tournaments and Chests in the respective articles!

Tapping the Arrow button on the left side of the screen will bring out probably the most useful menu in the game, the side menu:


This is where you can return to the main lobby, change your settings, check your Inbox (if you are connected with Facebook - Facebook & Gifts), Invite your Facebook friends who don't play yet to the game, ask us a question or check out the Help Center, check your Collections, Like our Facebook Page (which you should), and Rate Us! (which you also should do!). This menu also has the version number of your game and your unique Player ID, so if you ever contact us, please include it in your message!

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